How to distinguish data on a server

Hello, I am building a small server, I wonder how he distinguishes data, as he knows when you receive a login / password that has to authenticate?

The autentição is easy when a new connection has to authenticate to accept it but when you receive a message that would have to be processed in a certain place?
how to treat it.

I could send a “KEY” on each message identifying a customer and the other the process, thereby saying that such information must be processed in a given case and thus returned the processed value to the customer?

this isn’t really panda related and not even really python, but more understanding of networking. the authentification is done by comparing the recieved login data with the serverside saved one. if authentification successes, you send a session-ID to the client, which it should save and add to every message to your server.
that’s the basic idea. how you implement it in particular is your thing.

i hope i could help at least a little bit

Is not related to the panda or pyton so posted in General Discussion.

Intend, the lawful system of meetings, I wrap a bit where the server receives data, since the server has a loop where it is listening only when he has something to process, an example would be differentiating between the chat menssgens of position x , y, z that sends the client to be processed.