How to disable/minimize cullstep

How to disable/minimize cullstep.

I have very poor cpu (celeron 1.4) and my Panda has some problems to display even simple scene.
App/Cull/Draw are equal in my program.
App and draw can’t be minimized then maybe reduce cull to minimum is good direction…(???)

Is there any way to tell Panda “Get scene graph, do not optimize nothing just pass it to renderer”
My scene graph contains exactly object in correct order and all of them should be rendered.
Than ‘mini cull step’ could give ~1/3 of time.

I found this related topics:
Panda3D Manual: How to Control Render Order … nder_Order

Can you describe the Rendering Pipeline please?
[Can you describe the Rendering Pipeline please?)

Post subject: setPos is a bit slow? … 8261777791

and I have trayed
view-frustum-cull 0

but can’t see any difference - cull stil 1/3

Cull details from pstats
\window1 ~98%
\setup ~ 1%
\sort ~ 1%

  1. Is it good idea to play about with culling?

  2. With such poor CPU should I give up with python and code directly in C++?

  3. I have also noticed that intervals/tasks cause pstats big peaks and cpu usage.
    Maybe converting them to cython could help?

I know that now 2/4 core CPU are very popular and probably you are excited multithread Panda support but if someone have experience with old PCs and Panda than any suggestions could be very helpful for me.


Disabling culling of objects could very likely make your performance worse.
See this thread for more information about the Cull stage:
[url]PStats Cull]