How to define a Panda SDK version?

I need to make changes to some old panda project, so I must un-multify several files and then re-multify them again.
There is no problem in unpacking .mf files - lastest version of multify.exe works perfectly.
But when I pack the same files back to .mf, I get another sized files (for a 1-2KB) and the program didn’t start:

TypeError: NodePath::set_texture() argument 1 must be Texture, not NoneType

I think it’s because the new .mf file couldn’t be loadede by an old panda-engine.

So, how can I define the version of Panda used to create the project?

Thanks in advance

the error itself doesnt really say anyting about the multifiles. it sounds more like a texture-image was not loaded (maybe cause it doesnt exist(anymore)), which again might be related to your mf. but to me it really sounds more like some file went missing.

the thing is that if I remove the .mf file and copy unpacked files and folders into program directory, all works fine, but if I replace the original .mf file with my newly created - the above error occures.
Again, unpacking old and new .mf files gives me the same set of files/folders.

Is there more command-line output than that error?

no. the program starts, creates window (fullscreen black) then just disappears, leaving the errorlog.txt with the ‘TypeError: NodePath::set_texture() argument 1 must be Texture, not NoneType’ and some stack traceback.

Note, that unpacked program works fine.

Well, if you’re running with an older version of Panda, it probably can’t read the newer version of multifiles that the latest multify created. Multifile data structures (and, in general, all Panda data structures) aren’t intended to be reverse-compatible; that would limit our ability to make improvements to the structures.

Probably your code is failing to open the multifile, not reading any files in it, and therefore failing to load the texture. I’m baffled why you’re not seeing an error message about the multifile, though.

In any case, you’ll have to repack your data structures with the version of multify.exe that came with the version of Panda you’re trying to run with. In general, if you need to use an old version of Panda for whatever reason, you should limit yourself to the Panda tools that came with that version.