How to create interactive GUI

Hi there everyone.

all of my GUI in game are “create button on the lower layer and create lebel on the upper layer at the same position” like here down below:

b = DirectButton(text = ("........OK........", "click!", "rolling over", "disabled"), scale = (0.1, 0.001, 0.1), command = self._go)
DirectLabel(relief = None, scale=(0.332, 0.1, 0.108), image='afaricanfortress.jpg')

to hide the button with my pretty image:
:::::::::and the result is “my GUI is completly static” so I ve some question about this issue.

Can you show me how to create simple things like "when I move the mouse over the lebel (my button), it will be fliped (change to another picture)::::::::::::like roll over technique on the Web Site.

Or if have some idea like that, please tell me how…I ll appreciate it.

you could just define a mouseover function for your button.

b = DirectButton(text = ("........OK........", "click!", "rolling over", "disabled"),
                         scale = (0.1, 0.001, 0.1)) 
def mouseOver(self, pos):
        #do something with your button here