How to create a mirror effect?

I was wondering how I would go about creating a mirror effect in panda.

I was looking into the ParasiteBuffer ( … class.html) but I am not sure how to use this.

Does anyone have any suggestions? … highlight=

What you’re looking for is about halfway down the thread… how to render a camera buffer as a texture.


There are also some obscure shortcuts that Panda provides that can make this mirror trick a little easier–for instance, a Plane object provides a getReflectionMat() transform, which is exactly the transform you need to put a camera on the flip side of a mirror.

For a fully-functioning example of a mirror implemented in Panda, see direct/src/showbase/ (this file isn’t part of the Panda 1.0 distribution, but you can download it directly from the CVS repository with the above link).