How to convert VRay material into Vizard?

Hi guys,

We need a photoreal interior model in our experiment. We used VRay to render the model. I learned the video of the knowledge base about how to bake materials in 3D Max. However, if we use vray material and vray light, the process of baking is quite different. I found some tutorials and used VRayCompleteMap instead of CompleteMap and then converted baked objects into IVE.

However, when I loaded the model in Vizard, I met two problems. First, the model is always stay in specific position of the screen like the button in Vizard. When I made a very simple box in 3D Max and then converted it into vizard, it is OK. I do not know where I set the wrong parameters. Could you give me some advice?

Another problem is that the texture was lost. From the knowledge base, I know that Vizard does not support VRay material. Is there any good method to convert the VRay model and could keep the original effect as much as possible(if we can not get the complete effect)?

Is there anyone meet the same problem in Panda3D if you have to use photoreal modeling? I am totally new to Panda3D. I want to know whether it is more convenient to make 3D photoreal model in Blender and then convert them into panda3D. Any help is appreicated! Thanks very much!