how to convert .bsp level/map for using in Panda?

I am learning Panda right now. It is nice for me if i can use some existed game’s level or map in panda, for example, Quake or CS’s bsp world. because i can’t model. I’ve just succussfully converted the CS’s MDL model to .egg for using in panda. so i need some advice. My aim is to build a FPS-like world and learn programming panda during this task.

Tricky. BSP is a very old file format, it’s hard to find tools to manipulate that format any more. I don’t know if there are any converters out there. But if you could convert it into OBJ file format, panda can read that.

Try this tool:

Thanks you two. I’ll look at the tool and do some searching.
Another question: how panda loads .obj, doesn’t it need to convert to .egg?

You will have to convert them using the obj2egg tool that goes with Panda3D by default, since loader.loadModel only supports the formats bam,egg,flt,lwo,dxf,wrl,x,ma,mb.

I got it. thanks man.

hi, me again. I found a tool to covert .bsp to .obj, it is crafty
but afterwards? where is the obj2egg.exe? I can’t find it in my Panda3D/bin folder, I use 1.3.2. is it come with the newest 1.4.1? and what else software I can use to open .obj and export to .egg directly or other format that can later covert to .egg. I do not know much about the 3d software and file format. Thank you.

Panda doesn’t have obj2egg. You could import it into Blender and export egg.

I’m really sorry, I thought we had an OBJ converter… but I was thinking of the LWO converter. Sorry to put you through those hoops. The good news is that once you’ve got it in OBJ format, it’s easy to convert to anything else. Lots of art programs can read OBJ format.

i have an obj2bam (or in game geom) should probably release it.

@ynjh_jo, I’ve installed blender and chicken, although i don’t know how to use blender at all, but i can use chicken to export a static .obj to .egg successfully. thank u.
@Josh, It’s OK, you are still a perfect answerer in forum. thank u.
@treeform, me and many others are expecting it.

do you want the optimaztion that bsp files have? i think there are portal nodes that panda has for that.

Of course I want, to know about it at least. Would you show me something more detail or give me some links?
And I want to know the structure of .egg file format, where I can get useful imformation?
Thank you for that.

I have new problem. now I’ve got two .egg file, one has texture, one has lightmap, as i know .egg support multiple UV sets and so does Panda. my question is how to combine this two texture. I’ve searched in forum, and couldn’t find good solution for lightmap, some methods seem too complex for newbies. I cann’t use Maya so do not mention the maya2egg tool. maybe experienced user will give some direction. any suggestion doing with code or with software/exporter will be welcome! thanks a lot.

i move the question above to a new thread.