How to connect rigidbody with softbody

I am working with Bullet in Panda3d to use softbody.
Could anyone tell me how to connect rigidbody with softbody ?
where a softbody is represented as Tetrahedron which is created with Blender and tengen.

I am trying to be free to move a Softbody by connecting with a Rigidbody which is controlled by the motor function of Hinge.
However, the Hinge in Bullet admits only Rigidbody, not Softbody.
So, I have an idea to move a Softbody freely by controlling a connected Rigidbody.

Is the idea good ?

Sincerely yours

The bullet source code comes with some examples in C++. Maybe you’ll find some hints there.

Dear Nemesis#13

Could you tell me the URL described below ?

It is not possible to link softbodies with constraints. The constraint solvers are not able to handle non-rigid objects.

But you can add anchors to a soft body, i. e. fix it to some rigid body. Then you can move the rigid body around kinematically or by means for force/torque. And if you really need to then you can link the rigid body via a constraint to some other rigid body.

Anchors are a bit tricky, since you must know the index of the soft body cell (“node”) within the softbody where you want the anchor to be created. These indices are created by Bullet internally. Might be you have to try around a bit until you find the right index.