How to configure mouse buttons for camera control?

By default, the mouse buttons are assigned to camera control as follows:

Left: Translate
Right: Zoom
Scroll/middle: Rotate

How do I change these mouse button bindings so that I want this?:

Scroll/middle: Zoom
Left: Rotate
Right: Translate

I can see that the default mouse bindings for camera control are set in But, I am not able to figure out how I can change them from my main class which is derived from ShowBase.

better write you own functions to control the cam.
use accept() to assign functions to buttons.
totally flexible.

Don’t forget to call self.disableMouse() first (see this manual page).

Then, as MichaelPanda already suggested, you can indeed use self.accept(…) to make the camera behave the way you want it to (also see this manual page).