how to add texture to cartoon shader sample

I’m playing around with the cartoon shader sample, trying to add in the dragon’s texture.

I thought that if I edited lightingGen.sha so that the fshader used TEXUNIT0 I could get it to work.

However, it appears that at this point TEXUNIT0 is the normal map texture, not the dragon’s actual texture.

I can’t figure out how to edit it so the actual dragon’s texture is passed into lightingGen.sha, as opposed to the normal buffer texture.

Thanks once again.

Ok, my mistake - it looks like the dragon is just vertex colored and not textured.

But at any rate, i’m confused as to why the dragon comes across as pure white, when in the screenshot in the manual the dragon colors appear. Maybe it’s a bug on my graphic card?

It could be your graphics card. What excact card do you have? On my GeForce 5200 it works good.
There has been a bug in Panda3D recently - several users confirmed it already - that panda messes up vertex colors at some graphics cards (even from same manufacturers). Long ago, it was still not there, and nobody has fixed it yet. (I hope they fix it soon!)

Btw. It wouldn’t be hard to recode the shader that it works with a texture instead of vertex colors – though it has to have vertex coordinates. If you need, I can change the shader for you in a few seconds.

I have an NVIDIA Quadro NVS 110M

Thanks for the info