How i can do my files egg

Hi at all, i am sorry for my bad English but i need that us can me how i can make my own egg file, because i want design one game and i want make my own egg file,
Have us any idea abaut how i can make this file type? exist another tool that make this type of file.

Thanks by your time and see you later


Hi Agarrido.

To make an egg file, you will need a 3D modeling program. Panda3D has .egg file exporters for 3DS Max and Maya (but these programs cost thousands of dollars :angry:).

However, there are other programs that you can use, Blender which costs $25.

Members of the community are making .egg file exporters for these programs, but I don’t know if they’re finished yet.

Anyway, you can learn more about this in the ‘Pipeline’ forum … 5c3b9eee39 and in the Manual

Hope this helps.