How! How! How!

Thankyou for opening this post.

How do you distribute your game? Like into a stand alone EXE.

Pleas help…

Chill out!! You can’t expect your questions to be answered instantly. Look around on the forums to see if your question has already been asked (which it has been, but probably not to the degree you want it to be). And PLEASE make your posts grammatical; you’re not helping anyone with incomplete sentences, fragments, lack of punctuation and what not.

I have this same question, however, I am looking for the answer.

I think that the solution is py2exe. However, this may not be the case for Panda. Perhaps someone has written a utility to automate the process. If not, I might try to write one once my skills increase (which would take a while).

There have been a few posts about this. IIRC, Josh is working on something which will help ( maybe 1-click job ) but has probably been delayed what with the next panda release on the horizon.

Its probably best to wait a while and work on your projects. Worry about distribution when the time comes as by then there will probably be a solution :slight_smile: