How draw Geom object?

i read documentation but i don’t undestand how can i draw geom objet in panda3d

for example how draw GeomPoints or GeomLinestrips ?

Have you taken a look at the Procedural Cube sample program? It uses GeomTriangles, but the basic idea applies, the topology of the primitive is just slightly different.

In overview, the Geom object consists of a GeomVertexData (containing the position and other attributes of each vertex) and a list of GeomPrimitive objects (which could be GeomLinestrips, GeomPoints, etc.) that reference those vertices in order to make up primitives.

The Geom object is attached into the scene graph for rendering by means of a GeomNode, which stores a list of Geom objects that are rendered at the node’s position.

I hace a running little world in development at There, I have a terrain geom generator with normals, tangent and texcoord generation; and an object “flattening” system. Runs on Panda-10.0… If you want help let me know

my objective would be to draw cubes and apply a repeat texture on it
I don’t know if we can do it with geom.

of course it can be done… the terrain in my project does that… any help you need let me know.
Follow the manual section. You need to define Vertex,Normal and TexCoord in the format.