How does one stop this thing?

I’ve been building out a flight sim using Panda’s built-in physics engine. I have just about everything functional for movement now except for the fact that the ship’s impossible to control, given that it does not always fly straight (in terms of local).

Is there some possible way to get movement in the local X & Z (assuming forward is Y for the orientation of the ship) to stop immediately, or at least remove any velocity in a reasonably quick period of time? As far as I can tell, the only way to stop is to apply an equal and opposite force, which is problematic when I am unsure of the model’s current velocities.

I have also tried using the LinearFrictionForce, but I must not be implimenting it correctly, because although it is parented to the ActorNode, it only slows the ship down in global directions. Even then, it occasionally launches the ship in an odd direction, faster than the ship was moving in the first place! :open_mouth:

Any help in solving this matter would be GREATLY appreciated.

(If this topic has already been discussed, my apologies. My brain is mush already from trying to solve this for the past week, so I may have overlooked the appropriate thread)

Have you tried actorNode.getPhysicsObject().setVelocity()?


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I believe this is where I shove my head through my desk and mutter “thank you.” I’ll post again when I try that out, whether it works or not.