How do you start the direct crap?

Hi Its Me Again

How do you start the direct stuff like the direct session pannle and the placer pannle?


There’s a really good program if you’re just starting with this
called ‘reality factory’, which is really easy, otherwise you’re
going to have to do a lot of reading and searching in these forums.
I think I’ve saved every page on this site with even a hint of
being something that I might need later,
just in case this website gets deleted or something :smiley:.
Up on top there is a link called ‘manual’
and there’s a ‘getting everything set’ up tutorial that’ll walk you
through installing python and getting the program running,
which I think you’re having problems with…Then again I saw
in another post you were talking about the scene editor so I don’t know LOL!

I have 3d panda downloadaed i just dont know how to do annything on it i dont know coding or anny thing is there a easer way?

I don’t know if I should help with one of your post saying you
want to steal peoples games :smiley:
but you’re definitely going to have to code with panda.
Check out the samples folder in the panda folder and run some of those,
along with the manual tutorials. The manual will show you
how to run those with command line also, but like I wrote
there are easier game making progs out there with no coding required.

I’ve told him a half-dozen times that if he’s not a programmer, he’s not going to get anywhere with panda. He keeps coming back anyway. I guess you could call it instant gratification syndrome. I’m getting a little tired of him.

It seemed panda might end up being a struggle for him in the long run.
“give me your game codes now here please” will probably be the next one :smiley:
[Edit] I just read in another thread that he’s a kid, so good luck to him!
Also another easy no coding program to start off with is 3drad,
although it’s not completely free anymore.

my game code: 42


I got some more info now on coding, i have men taking books out and stuff from the library and well they have ben helping alot, i want to say thx to every one except Josh yeldon who dident help any or even belive in any thing i could do but every one who posted helped me alot and im making my own game now, witch is really different from toontown, well its a totaly different game. I will post more later THANKS SO MUCH

AND THE BEST PART IS im going to use PANDA :smiley:

Oh one more thing. DOSE any one know what programs besids Panda Disney used to make toontown. I want to TRY to use the programs they used. Because the work with panda so…

afaik know maya seems to be part of their pipeline.
but you can use pretty much every other tool,too. blender, max, etc. collada support is in development so you will be able to use even more modelling packages in the future.

if its aobut coding and ide’s. i dunno what disney uses but you can use pretty much everything starting with a plain text editor up to an highly integrated ide.

using the same applications as disney wont improve your skills. in the contraty, it might cause overhead which causes only additional work.

btw. it’s nice to see you’r learning to programm now :slight_smile: welcome onboard … so to say.
for starters, keep things simple. that goes for your applications as well as for the applications you’r using.