How do you manage code?

So in Cpp i am used at having everything very compartmentalized. I have only used python to write simple stuff, like fix exporting, one file utilities.

How does one manage (in terms of code and modules) a large project in Python?

(maybe this question is a bit general. But i have not worked on a large scale python project before. If someone from Disney could provide some hints that would be helpful.)


I don’t know if you need Disney’s advice specifically here. Lots of people have lots of great experience with Python.

As far as managing large projects, you do it like anything else. Separate code into classes and modules according to the division that makes the most sense to you. We like to place each class in its own module (or .py file), and we group the related modules together into their own directory.

Really, it’s exactly like C++. You can write everything in one really big, monolithic file, or you can organize it into classes, files, and directories. If you already have a system that you like for C++, use the same system in Python.