How do you control your NPCs?

The AI from Half-Life’s SDK in Retrospective

“The whole AI logic is hard-coded in C++ and isn’t overly object-oriented, so it’s much easier to follow than recent data-driven engines (although it’s not as straightforward to extend).”

“…looks into the publicly available SDK for Half-Life 1, analyzing the various aspects of the AI such as the task scheduling system, its state-machine like implementation, and the sensory system.”

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Computer Game Industry Lars Liden … /Liden.ppt

“Using Half-Life as an example, Lars discusses the components of an AI system, decision making, tactical analysis and artificial stupidity.”

A great general overview, loved the part on artificial stupidity.

Seeking and Fleeing AI Algorithms … rithms-vb6

Well written, just need to translate into Python and review some basic trig. to understand it better.

Finite State Machine Editor…Python

“This is a tool where you can draw FSM diagrams, and then compile to a Python module (or C++ code.) It also makes an XML description of the FSM.”

Good number of links! Thanks.

Pathfinding AI in Python … in-python/

Fixing Pathfinding Once and For All (excellent article about pathfinding with navigation mesh):