How do i parent a gui element to another gui element (directgui and otherwise)

Greetings (yet again)!
While attempting to parent a gui element to another in order to move them all as an individual element, i recieved this error:

TypeError: NodePath.reparent_to() argument 1 must be panda3d.core.NodePath, not function

So, as to get to the point: Is there a way to parent these gui elements, to well, a gui element? And if not, how can i do what i desire to (hprInterval) without changing my currrent gui, as it is too elaborate currently to scrap

You can parent them to another GUI element. It looks like you are trying to parent a GUI element to a function. We’ll need to see some code to be able to see what you’re doing wrong

To add to that: DirectGUI elements are, effectively, just NodePaths like any other. They can be parented to each other, moved, scaled, and so on.

(In fact, you could probably place them into the 3D scene-graph if you wanted to. I’m not sure that I’ve tried that, but it should work, I think. [edit] I just tried it, and, barring some depth-fighting, it does indeed work. ahem The point being that they’re just geometry and NodePaths, essentially.[/edit] )

I tried that, but now i have another problem, it made all of the element it is parented to invisible, even though it is olocated at 0,0.

It only happened to the gui elements though, not the models

If the parent node had a scale or position, it will affect the child nodes. Use wrtReparentTo to maintain the current absolute scale/position.