How do I OPEN panda3d?

Uhh none of my programs suppory .py files, and I am clueless!

you can open and edit .py files with any text editor (wordpad, notepad etc.). That is how you write the code for panda…

if you want to actually run your files, usually you do so from the command line. Go to start->run and type ‘cmd’ and hit enter. then you will have to change to the directory where the .py file is. use the command 'cd ’ (with a space) and then type the directory where the .py file is (such as: C:\Panda3D-1.0.5\samples\Feature-Tutorials–Joint-Manipulation) then type 'ppython ’ and your .py file name. ( and hit enter. The python file should run.

To view the sample files, you can double click on the the panda icon shortcuts that are in the sample tutorial folder with the python script. They basically do the same thing as above.