How do i manually create animation/actor

I can create 3d models with Wings3d then i can do small changes that could be used in an animation. Each model could have some small rotation difference from the previous.

Can I convert those into an actor or is there a way to swap the models to create an animation in code?

You can’t convert them to an Actor, since that uses a system called skeleton/morph animation, which is a little more sophisticated than simply swapping models out.

However, you can create a SequenceNode and parent all of your models to the SequenceNode, with code something like this:

sn = NodePath(SequenceNode('mySequence'))
sn.node().setFrameRate(15)  # or whatever you like

A SequenceNode has the property that it automatically cycles through the rendering of each of its children, one at a time, when you call play(). You can also make Actor-like calls like loop(), pose(), or stop().


Thank you very much.