How do I do it?

I am very clueless.
I know nothing about programing, but i really want to learn.

and i cant learn if i dont know how to start.

Ive downloaded panda3d and i guess python.

Can anyone tell me exactly what to do to start making a game. I dont even know where to find the thing to type in commands.

Any help would be useful, thanks

there is a sticky thread here in the forum. called “getting started guide for absolute beginners”

maybe you can drop by in the panda irc channel #panda3d
there are always some people around which can help you to get started. guess you’ll have a lot of small questions which can be answered fast there.

if you dont want to use irc. make sure to check the post i mentioned above, read the manual, and do a forum search. there should be quite some material on you problem (you’r not the first one starting panda :slight_smile: )

if you are on windows klick start->execute and type cmd and enter. should bring you to the windows commandline. on linux just open a terminal , they are everywhere to find :slight_smile:

thomas e

Thanks a lot man. I hope ill get to programming really soon =)