How do I create a 3d circle text?

I have created a text box using TextNode which displays changing coordinates of models. It looks like this:

Is there some method of creating similar box but with circular coordinates? Something like this:
Maybe some node warping on my flat text box? I need to display live text so something using TextNode will be optimal?
I tried modifying geom vertex data of text box but all the modifications only affect the background card and not the text itself. Another option would be to use live textures on hollow sphere but that seems unnecessary complicated. What I am looking for is some method to ‘fold’ my planar text box into a cylinder

Hmm… Two thoughts:

First is that I think that the actual text has geometry, too. As a result, it might be possible to use a vertex-shader to warp that geometry into a cylindrical shape.

And second is that you could perhaps render your text to a texture and then apply that texture to a cylinder.

However, there may be better ways of doing what you have in mind, so I recommend waiting and seeing what others perhaps suggest!

Thanks for the reply. I will look into your ideas and if anything works or someone does not give a better solution I will post my solution here.

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