How do I convert .x to .egg?

I know that there is a x2egg.exe in the bin folder, so I’m trying to use it to convert a egg file, but I can’t seem to get it right.

this is the batch file I used:
x2egg animal.x out.egg
and nothing happens

I try x2egg animal.x >out.egg
I get a file with 0 bytes

I try x2egg -o out.egg animal.x
still nothing happens

What am I doing wrong?

nvm, I found out that x2egg is in fact broken in 1.6.1 from the 1.6.2 release notes

Ok again, nvm, i’m still getting some “error”

not sure if this is a “feature” or not though…

x2egg exports fine, only:
“Too many data elements in structure.”
and it only ends up building ~1/2 the model

Can anyone comment on this? thanks

It means the modeler you created the file with most likely has a bug and generates invalid .x files.

well the model was generated with the latest version of Blender, does anyone know of a bug with Blender that does happens to export invalid .x files?

if you’r using blender you might want to use chicken-exporter to directly create egg’s. it’s better supported and works very well.

ah, thanks I tried that and same sort of error occurred; I can only see 1/2 the model.

Can someone try and see if there is anything inherently wrong with this model? Thanks


Metaballs are not supported by panda, or the exporter. Shift-select all of the metaballs, press alt-c, and choose to convert to mesh. It might need some hand tweaking after that to look OK.

Ah ok thanks so much!