How can i make a MMOG?

I’m just wondering how i could make a mmorpg with panda 3D.(i hardly know anything about python or C++ scripting so plz dont ask me to simplify the question) :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question:

Learn python or C++ and raise one million dollars with the venture capitalists.

Well, look, it’s very easy.
You take 52, then add 6 to it, save it as mmorpg.exe, then load it into Panda, and you have an MMOG.
It’s just that simple, right?
Oh, if you want a blue menu instead of a red menu, you should write the filename in reverse.

[/back-to-reality] - Sorry, but it is not this simple. You will need to learn how to code Python (I think C++ is not an option since its much harder than Python), by finding some python tutorials on the internet. After doing that, you can return here to learn panda3d.
Sorry, but if you’re not a programmer, you can’t make a game. If you want to make a game, you’d have to become a programmer first.

learn python and c++. get some dark clothes. sneek into disney’s headquater , pull out the powercable of the security system, get yourself the toontown sourcecode and many years in jail. once you’r out again find the “sorcerer’s stone” , study computer science, game development, start learning c++&python, write several games starting with “pong”. read the entire panda3d sourcecode 200 times and document all so far undocumented classes (especially network related ones). then use your sorcerers stone to lengthen your live to 300 years and work 24h a day to create concepts,content,code etc. once you’r done with that continue with scaleing,optimizing, security,testeing… stealing some hardware and get some more years in jail… then continue with whatever you want to add.

sure this is not meant to be taken seriously. there are good reasons why they cost million of dollars and require dozen to hundrets of people.
in any case… keep in mind:
MMORPGs are THE most difficult , most expensive and hardest to make things in the world of game development.
if you wanna develop a game. start at the OTHER end. somewhere between pong and super mario 3d.

i once started to write an mmorpg too, after 9 month of writing i had the basic networking done, a simple client and server running and some game content. but i stopped. cause i noticed that making yet another mmorpg doesnt solve the problem that people dont roleplay those massiv online roleplay games… which makes them boring to play alltogether since it’s more like massive singleplayer online non-roleplay game.
think about the reasons why you want to make a game at all. if the reason is not “cause it’s fun to games” just let it be. do something else like collecting stamps or whatever.

Lol there are 2 reasons why i Try to make games.
One is that i love games.
Two is that i find programming fun but mostly pointless. i like a challange but only if it has a reward.

in any case a MMORPG is the worst thing one can do. first of all… you’ll most likely never finish it. second is that you would need to spend each and every minute of your life coding it.

if you like the genre make a morpg first. it’s still complex but not that impossible. if you target LAN-network only you can use a very basic networking code. this way you could code a hack’n slay mrpg within a few days (gamer with no story and poor artwork). but you have a working game you can continue working on. if played on LANs you can easily play with 50 friends together. online-gaming requires some more advanced networking to prevent lags, minimize traffic,predict player movements,also security really becomes a real issue here.<- not a piece of cake but still reasonable challange you can manage if you keep working on it.

and if you managed that step… well then you can try to optimize your server to handle tons of players. the client is as good as finished at this point.

and always keep rule 34 in mind:

“–>>START SMALL <<–”
or else you wont have much fun making games :slight_smile:

ps: did i mentioned that i love to tell people that it’s a bad idea to start a mmorpg before they even tried to clone pong or snake?

ThomasEgi, rule 34 isn’t to start small. Google it.

Programmers dont make mmorpg’s the people who back up the process with money and producers who manage the thing at higher level. Programmers are just gears and cogs that turn money and vision of those people into reality.

sheeesh… dont spoil it :wink:
but rule 25 and 42 apply to mmo’s

aside from useless rules. i really like the statement about programmers … thought i hope it only applies to the industry. not to hobbyists since they tend to get no money at all… reversing the whole process could be intresting,thought.