How can I get texture on my models?

Where do I specify the path to my textures, because right now, my models are turning up pure white. I use chicken exporter.

in blender you have to create an UV map for your model. then you can assign a texture in blender’s material editor or the uv-editor. try not to mix materials and uv-editor images. stick with one of them.
if you go with materials, make sure you select UV as texture input mapping.

there are a couple of video tutorials about this on youtube. try searching there for “blender to panda”

The textures are files which are outside of the blender file, where do I put these, so that my models render with images? Or can I put them in the uv editor? I will look up the videos.


Open the EGG file in a text editor, find the Texture entries (often near the top) and you will be able to see the path where the EGG file is expecting the textures. If there is no path and just a filename then the texture should be in the same directory as the EGG file.

I found the problem. The model (which is not mine, from blender repository) doesn’t render with textures for some reason, although it downloads with a few textures. However, thank you all for you help.