how can i get a python editor to run panda3d

i had help before from someone that told me to how to set up pype and that anything that i typed in then run the code through it would bring up a window what the code was.

does anyone know how this is done i went and forgot how to set it up.

I’m typically in Linux, but I do have pype 2.8.8 installed on windows (dual boot). Other than needing to save the file first, just selecting File -> Run Current File is all I need to do. I don’t remember setting up anything special.

well that’s the thing i don’t have any idea how my buddy mange to get it to fire up a panda3d window he made the grass show up from the tutorial and it was cool.

i can’t even figure out how to get the grey window to pop up i liked how he helped me set this up and even more so with out haveing to use the command prompt to get it to work very nicely.

and that’s what i am wanting to do is to to have pype to fire up panda 3d

please take a look at the manual. especially the first tutorial

From what i know there are 2 ways to run panda3d games/programs. You either execute it in cmd prompt or double click the ‘’ like a .exe file.

I dont think you can execute panda3d programs from within PyPE, PyPE is where you write the code. You would need this code in your program to run the renderer.

import direct.directbase.DirectStart


Off course this is in the manual. I just mentioned it here in case i was wrong and someone can correct me too :0

you start a panda game the same way as you start any other python script:
-either by giving the interpreter your script as an argument (through a terminal, of course) or
-by assigning a program to *.py files (files ending with a “.py”). this is done on windows within the file preferences (right click on a .py file > most bottom entry) and on UNIX-kind OSes by the so called shebang on the first line, most often

#!/usr/bin/env python




i bet there also are some IDEs out there from which you can start up your scripts, too (they usually just call it with the first method in background).