Hosting a NETWORKING game ; -)

Hi buddies

I´m a little lost about how to host and develop my game server.
I can host with Apache or Twisted (how to host a twisted server)?
What kind of server is more suitable for panda?


well if you wanna run a server hosting your game. you most likely want to run your own application. so any server which allows you to run your own application should be suited.

If my host support Twisted applications and let me run my own applications is just a matter of do it? (only?)

pretty much yes. all you’d need to do is to copy your application onto the server. and run it. just like you would when running it on your local machine.

Well then :smiley:
I´ll put hands on work

Thanx too much

Thinking a little i guess my question is not well-formed. Of course doesn´t matter whatta kind of server is if i just want access my .p3d file. But want all players can chat one with another, see if someone is on-line and other network things.

All right, i can use twisted or Panda3d or … to program a server who´s control the players but i don´t know how to put this server program runs in internet. I know how to put a site in internet, access online databases, etc. But i don´t know how to put my server program for my game on net.

This is not directly a Panda3D question. But i´m weeks on it and still confuse. :unamused:

question is already answered. set up a server, preferably with a fixed ip-address or a fixed domain-name. copy your server-application to it, start it. in your clients let the programms connect to that ip/domain.
it’s no different from running a server on a local network except for the size of the network itself.

Thanx again

Sorry about my boring insistense :confused:
As i said … i´m little dizzy about :unamused:
I don´t know how to

in my host :cry:
I don´t know how to make my apache runs my program forever or let my system hear another port.

In order for your computer to listen to a port you need to:

  1. Have an actual application listening on that port
  2. Make sure any firewall allows incomming connection to that port
  3. If you have a router set up port forwarding for that port to your server’s local ip.

Geez buddies :smiley:

Now i know the core of my confusing. My projects normally are in a shared server (payed host). To up my server as service i´ve my own server or a dedicate server!

All right, now everything is fine :laughing:

Thanx for patient and help

or find a host that provides shell access and the platforms you need to run your application server.
As in: linux with shell access, python 2.6 and the possibility to install panda as a library if you decide to create a panda3d application server.
Works for me, but it’s true: i have my own servers…

thanx for another note radu


I write my own servers with Pythons socketserver module. Unfortunately I can’t get them to work on anything but a local network, but I think I’m about to make a breakthrough on that front. It’s actually quite easy to write the server. :smiley:

EDIT: Not for hosting the game, but for networking it.

EDIT: Well, as in, not hosting it on a website. Ok now I’m confused…