Holding Multiple Keys on Some Keyboards

I’ve had a report from a player of A Door to the Mists indicating that they couldn’t climb (which involves holding down the “jump” button) while also holding a directional button. This problem doesn’t manifest on my end–but a bit of research indicates that it might be a keyboard issue (see here).

Is there anything that I might do about this, save for recommend that people rebind their keys, or use a gamepad?

(I don’t want to remove the requirement that the player hold down the “jump” button to climb, as doing so reduces the player’s agency in whether or not to climb, and removes at least one potential traversal option, I feel.)

This is a hardware issue with cheap keyboards. There is nothing you can do about it except set the default mappings to keys that are unlikely to conflict in this matter, such as space for climbing.

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I thought as much–fair enough, and thank you for the answer.

(Ironically, space is the key assigned by default to climbing…)