High GPU Usage Problem

While working on a PANDA3D project I have noticed a considerate increase of GPU usage when the window is resized from its normal size to being maximized (about 4 times more). Is such behavior something to be expected when resizing the window? Because its effect significantly affects my application.

An update to this problem: I notice that whenever I disable anti aliasing the effect of maximizing the window is far less (only about 1.5-2 more GPU usage). I am new to PANDA3D and this may not be the right way of doing it, but in case anyone knows, this is how I implement my anti-aliasing.

from panda3d.core import loadPrcFileData
loadPrcFileData( '', 'framebuffer-multisample 1' )


Are you running any post-process (i.e., screen-space) shaders? These are very resolution dependent. What GPU and operating system are you using? Do you have up-to-date drivers? If you are on Windows with an Intel GPU – which have horrible OpenGL drivers on Windows – you may want to try the following:

load_prc_file_data('', 'load-display pandadx9')

I am currently using an Intel laptop with UHD 620 Graphics. The OS is windows 10.

After experimenting the issue seems to be the multi-sampling (despite setting them to merely 1).

In fact, it is the line:

loadPrcFileData( '', 'framebuffer-multisample 1' )

that causes the high GPU usage, even if I later disable anti-aliasing.

Yeah, this is starting to sound like a driver problem. Please try using DX9 and see if that helps. You can also see if there are newer OpenGL drivers for your GPU.

EDIT: I believe these are the drivers for your GPU

Thanks for the help, I will make sure to check both of these.