hi panda community and thanks!

hi all.

I just wanted to say thanks to the panda community etal. Linux is my choice of OS’s not because it does everything I need it to on every level, but because its something I can use without breaking the bank or answering to any entity and well I feel safe here too . The linux community IMO atm has things backwards, because well there are just too many distros around to serve users ends efficiently. When it comes right down to it linux ‘deserves’ a better scenario . Windows ( and macOSX ) vendors support just ONE desktop and and that makes their lives TONS easier cause they know what they are making will JUST WORK on any computer out there, not to mention all those great ‘minds’ working on one solid CORE :wink:. We ALL know the drilll, but it comes home to roost when vendors can easily support linux too.

I mention this here only because well…im so impressed that panda3d makes so many different binaries for linux. That is impressive and no other engine atm does this even close. I want to thank them but at same time appologize for linux as a whole for not having a ‘unified front’ like windows and macOSX do. I think Freespire just might do this as atm its the ONLY distro that out of the box is free and supports so much that the average use will do with their system. BUT thats not the reason for this post is to get everyone to USE freespire, but to explain why I chose it , why its prob. very good for linux in the longhaul, and why I think panda3d community rocks because of the pain they went to to support linux in its current form.

Thank you panda3d for that, and for such a easy to get into 3dengine with great docs :wink:


Thanks for the praise! I do work hard to keep the website in the best shape I can.

I should mention that the real work is the software development, and David Rose does most of that. He deserves the bulk of the credit.

hehe… slimy neighborlee? :smiley:

However, of course thanks to all of the supporters. Not limited to drwr and Josh Yelon. I think, anybody that contributes something to the community (and even if its an “sorry, this and there doesn’t work - is it my fault?”) deserves our thank :slight_smile:

But yeh… the linux thingie is a problem. However, more variety means more choices. I dislike the way some distros go, thats why I choose my distro (debian based) - you don’t have these (sub-)choices using Win or OSX. But of course, a medal has 2 sides…

Great work from anybody involved. :slight_smile:

Regards, Bigfoot29

Edit: David does the software development? I thought that was you, Josh? :confused:

I do a few lines of code here and there, but David works on it full time.