Hi I'm New

Hello everyone I am new to Panda3D as well as game developing.
I can’t seem to start because I don’t know where to start :frowning:. I have a lot of questions to answer but I don’t think I have time to write them all so if it’s ok I wanna ask some questions.

  1. Is there any other program that can be used with Panda3D for features it does not have?

  2. I want to try to make a RPG style game but I don’t know how to start programming in python.

  3. I have gone through the online manual but a lot of it is confusing to me, is there anyone or anything else that can help me go from crawl to walk? (ex. show me step by step how to get a world with grass, some monsters and a main character)

hopefully I will find information that will help me on the forums.

thanks for the help.

It seems you are new to programming in python.
I highly suggest you buy a book even if it is just a simple reference book.
Also try visitng this link:

I will look at that and maybe get a book
thanks for the help.

No Problem, if you ever need any help look me up on the IRC my name
is Alexman on the freenode IRC

I strongly recommend to begin with free book “Byte of Python”: swaroopch.com/byteofpython/
It is easy to read, and after it you will definitely be able to program for Panda.

wow thanks for the help, its nice how fast you guys reply.

I just need to know what programs I can use with Panda3D for features it doesn’t currently have.

Currently, it doesn’t have ODE physics engine fully integrated, but but some brilliant minds are working on this now. Pathfinding is not integrated either. Panda already has rendering, terrain, built-in shaders (per-pixel lighting, HDR, bloom, cartoon), sound, networking, collisions, full Python and C++ support, FSM, exporters for 3D-modeling software like Maya and Blender (3DS Max support is not the best though)… It has anything to make high-class game (if you make one, please let me know, I will buy its license for nice money 8) ).
What features do you want?

ODE integration is working. It’s going to be included in the next release or the release after.

PS, my mind is not that brilliant :wink:

I wanted to see if it had a level/map editor?

There is no specific Panda level editor (there was one, but no it is not maintained). But this is not a disadvantage: you can use any modeling software as level editor, for example, I use Blender. It is open-source, but it can easily compete with any commercial modeler. Very advanced software.

I made my own coustom file format to store levels for games.
The program i made loads them into panda 3d.
I can post the code if you would like.

I will try blender and see what I can do.

Blender can be hard to learn, but after you learned you just don’t understand why all programs don’t work like this :smiley:
It has difficult controls, but they are really worthy of learning.