hey new guy here!

hello im new here and looking in amazment at the screenshots…

i have a question or two:

is this easy to pick up? i have no prior scripting / coding knowledge…

i use wings 3d regularly would this aid me? wings has not got an engine…

i am willing to learn to code etc…

im really into rpg style games and would like to make a basic one for my enjoyment…

could i use panda to do this?

cheers guy’s…

welcome to panda’s community!

As far as the coding goes, it is almost all in python, which is a nice language that isn’t too hard on beginners (as opposed to C…) It has great docs (as does Panda!!) but I would recommend looking at several python beginner tutorials before the panda beginning tutorials (you can still use panda’s python) to get a feel for the language before adding the 3d element.

Wings3d, while not my favorite model editor, is relatively simple to get the models into panda3d, just export from Wings3d as a vmrl file and then use the vmrl2egg.exe in the bin directory of the panda installation, and load the egg file.

Personally, I think that RPG is a relatively easier project than other potential types, because it lets you add to it gradually and doesn’t require a whole lot of code to get running. Take a look at the RoamingRalph tutorial in the panda installation for a simple character running around as a starting point.

Hope this helps!!

in addition to mindstormss excellent post i’d like to answer your questions in short :slight_smile:

jup. compared to other engines it really is easy.

jup.it will help you.

great :slight_smile: you’ll need it. its not that difficult,thought. and very usefull for other stuff,too.

good choice, only jump&run might be easier to do.

sure you can :slight_smile: thats what it exists for.