ok how the HECK do you use this? the only EXEs I see dont work! this is bull! Im making a 3d game and I think Panda hasthe stuff but… HOW TO USE IT?

Python is a scripting language there is no exe .
You use the command line interpreter nammed ppython to execute .py script that run your game.
If you put Panda3d\bin in your System path, you can use the ppython interpreter from anywhere…
Basically, you enter a command prompt in the .py folder and type ppython and all is done…

Compilation is made on the fly the first time you execute a script , that creates a .pyc script.

of course , once you want to release you have several third party options
like :

  • use .bat to make a exe like file
  • use py2exe to make a real exe file from your scripts
  • use ?? to make a real exe file and encrypt your scripts…

The thing with panda is that it contains the tools for creating things. You then control these tools by means of a script. The best place to start is the manual. If you are looking for “click things to make a game” then Panda is more than likely not for you. But hopefully you will take the time to learn a little python and see its not that hard to get something running pretty quickly :slight_smile:

Take care

so how u use this again?? ALL THE FREGGIN EXE FILES DONT WORK! if I click an EXE it says “wrong path” or some shit like that I just want this thing to work!

oh and BTW I dont get the manual… how to create this “python” file

oh NVM I got it… get a text editor, create a .py file, and edit it with text editor!

but how to make a .py file? everytime I click “new” in a folder it doesnt have the python file option

This is no matter. Click on “New Textfile” and change the extension




Python is a scriptlanguage. The files are textfiles. Its posibble to do:

ppython yourfile.txt



Don’t get me wrong, but how about some operating system basics before starting programming? The extension does not need to have .py as ending. It can have a free chosen one as long as you know that it ARE files for the python interpreter. And you don’t need to “create them by clicking ‘new’”. Open your favorite text editor, write your python code into the editor, hit File -> Save, switch to whereever you installed your Panda3D, choose a name for your python program and save it having chosen “plain text” or “.txt” to indicate that it should not contain control tags it would otherwise have (like when saving it as a .doc file), hit “Start” -> “run program”, enter cmd (+ ENTER) use the command “cd” to change to whatever directory you have Panda3D installed to, take a look with “dir” if your file really is there (and how it is named), type “echo <” and see if it IS the python code you wanted to start. If that is the case run “bin/ppyhton”

If you start now “but what is cmd, cd, dir and all that stuff” then I ask you to rtfm - they are (well, at least WERE) essential components of your operating system. :wink:

May be I am a bit harsh here, but at least when you start with file operations using Python you SHOULD know what I was talking about :wink: - If you DO all this already then take this post as a try to sum everything up that is needed to have the python interpreter working (with an python file - the fool-proof way)

Regards, Bigfoot29

PS: This Thread remembers me a bit like the normal windows help forums… the thread starter writes a 2-liner, ppl answer in a friendly way that took them several time but all they get is another 2-liner. No thanks, no exact way what they do and where it wents wrong… do you think that you will get MUCH support? You can be happy that it seems to be one of the first threads like this lately (as far as I can remember) so that ppl want to show that they want to be helpfull, but I guess if you don’t change your behavior and use google (or a searching engine of your choice) to solve SOME of the basic problems on your own I guess you won’t get support here for very long (as long as you come with this kind of basic questions)

Panda3D is free - its a gift. Don’t come here and demand help, ASK for it.

If anybody of the “older” forum members is pissed off about my posting please tell me… its not my wish to do so - all I wanted to do is state my (very own) oppinion.

ok I know how to make a PY file but now I got 2 questions: how to run it? cause I dont think my panda installed properly cause when I run an EXE it says “script cannot be found” or sumthin like that but I cant see it cause its 2 fast I tried reinstall but still wont run… PLEASE HELP! oh and does PANDA go on multiplayer?


So you didn’t follow my way how to do it? Well, why do you still ask? If you DID follow my way you wouldn’t have run into the trouble you are describing…

Because that changes NOTHING. Its not like Windows “oh! its broke… lets reinstall it”

Panda3D has a multiplayer part, yes… how to use it? Well, you need to code it. Code segments are here around in the forums or in the tutorials shipped with Panda3D.

As I said already in the other Thread… you might reconsider using this 3D-Engine… its not the HL, FarCry or whatever engine… you need to do serious coding here. And for that you NEED basic Operating System skills.

Regards, Bigfoot29

:open_mouth: stodge? what is that all about? can it bite me?!? :open_mouth: