i am in a need to develop a 3d game and im new to panda3d and python.

The game i am planning to develop consists of many winding roads , the game starts with the apparition of a diamond at a random position on the roads. the human player must judge a shortest distance to reach the diamond. the computer character will use dijkstra algo (with some dummy reflex time added) to reach the diamond. the first player who pick the diamond scores, and the game continue with another diamond appearing at an another random position.

I have already implemented dijstra in c++ in the past, and im pretty sure that i can make the AI character work.

I am seeking help so that i can start building the game, maybe some specific tutorial or some scripts that i can build on. If you already did something like a character walking on roads will be a great help to me.


have you looked at the roaming ralph example which come with your panda installation? it has a walking character on a uneven floor. might be just what you’r looking for.