A new member here…
Not sure how I got here but still don’t know what it is about.
Is it animating software website or animating group forum.
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Thanks in advance


first off. please dont double-post.
if you want to know what panda is, i suggest you do some research on it.
but to summarize it. panda is a 3d engine used to create games or other interactive simulations. and this here * me points around*, is the forum for this engine.

judging from your provided link i want to add… this is not an animation-software such as max, maya or blender.

thomas e

Yellow card for now.

I removed the link because I smell spamming big time here.

If you continue with such sort of posts, the account may be marked as spammer (which I don’t hope it has to be done :frowning: )

Regards, Bigfoot29