Help! :(

I was a player of Toontown, after the game ended, launched several private servers, but I can not play at all! I always get the message: “StandardError: Could not open window” I’ve tried everything, including changing the Panda settings file, but nothing ersulto! What should I do?

I’m sorry, but this is not a support forum for Toontown private servers.

The error message, though, or at least the part that you showed, indicates that something might be wrong with your video card drivers. Installing the latest version of the drivers for your video card might help.

I’ve done it! In fact, my video card is onboard, this can cause a problem? (Toontown was just an example, in all activities panda I get this message)

The important part is this:

:display(error): The application requested harware acceleration, but your OpenGL
:display(error): driver, GDI Generic, only supports software rendering.
:display(error): You need to install a hardware-accelerated OpenGL driver, or,
:display(error): if you actually *want* to use a software renderer, then
:display(error): alter the hardware/software configuration in your Config.prc file.

The problem is that your OpenGL driver is “GDI Generic”. This is the Microsoft default driver, which does not offer hardware accelerated 3-D graphics. You will have to go to the web site of your graphics card vendor (it doesn’t matter if it’s on-board or not) and download the appropriate OpenGL drivers.

It could be that your graphics card vendor doesn’t have proper OpenGL drivers. In that case, you’re out of luck (the best you could then do is switch to a software renderer like p3tinydisplay, but it will probably give you really bad performance). I’d consider that unlikely though, since most vendors have at least some OpenGL drivers, even if they’re bad.