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hello "sorry, my english is not the best "

how can i import something from wings3d into panda.

thank you

gerhard rogen

I don’t know if there is a direct way but:
*)Export your model as VRML
*)run vrml2egg

Hope this will help you

I have to be honest, it seems unlikely that any of us have ever used Wings3D. If there’s anyone out there who can prove me wrong, speak up.

Can Wings3D export directX format?

  • Josh

wings3d can export

Nendo ( .ndo)…
3d Studio (.3ds)…
cartoon edges (eps)…
wavefront (.obje)…
vrml2.0 (.wrl)…

it works with


thanks a lot

Ok its no a easy way but you have to export it as VRML an convert it then by running vrml2egg as I told you above

Regards Martin

I had a little problem on Windows because wings exported absolute file names for texture maps, but Panda didn’t like them. I had to edit the egg manually.

Quote: “anyone using Wings3D speak up”

I do :slight_smile:
Its easier for simple model creating. Blender can be a CPA if you don’t have the time to completely get the idea of “how-to-do-what” :confused:
And uh… Maya & Co is still somewhat expensive… :wink:

Btw: There are additional plugins available. If .x is also supported - dunno… a few weeks since I used that the last time. ^^

Regards, Bigfoot29