Help with Visualc++

I have a problem when compiling my first proyect in visual c++, it says it´s not able to load “python26_d.lib” i´m using WinXP with Visual c++ 2008 Express and Panda 3D 1.7.2. Also I have donde everything the manual says about the compiler configuration:
Any suggestions ? Thank you.


I think you need to compile using Release mode, looks like it’s trying to find debug version of python lib, and all the Panda developers tell us to set up Visual C++ in Release mode.

Also if you are working in C++, it’s best to post to the “C++” forum, or the “Compiling” forum.

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Thank you but i don´t know how to switch to Release mode

I could switch to release mode but the problem still remains. Any ideas ?

Does it still name “python26_d.lib” and not “python26.lib”? If so, you haven’t successfully switched to Release mode yet.

Just change the drop-down box in the toolbar from “Debug” to “Release”.


Thank you, it works fine now