help with vc6

i have visual studio 6.0 and please i want help how to program
with panda3d by vc6 :cry: :cry: :cry:

Heh. VC6 is ancient - the downloadable version of Panda won’t work as its compiled against VC 2008. You will need to get the source code of Panda and compile it by yourself - which won’t be easy as you will need to change many things in the source.

Nothing to add, save – Wow, and I thought I was hanging on to the past when I last released a game compiled off VS6 in 2005.

I know dev tools 11 years old isn’t that strange in some circles, but pro is right. VC6 is ancient. You can get Visual Studio Express 2008 for no cost if you are interested in moving into a modern development environment.

It only took 20 years, but Microsoft finally opened up their dev tools for free. (As in beer, at least.) I would ditch VC6. There are a LOT of broken things in the MS implementations of C++ standards, such as STL.