help with opencv

i see is possible have face detection but i try to do point detection and i cant put togheter webcamvideo and cv, i am using windows

opencv in panda3d does not work for face-detection(nor any other kind of detection). it’s primary use was to bring webcam and video-texture support to linux in the past (at least afaik)

so right now there is no way to directly connect webcamvideo to opencv.

what you’d have to do is getting opencv as seperate library (i assume you did that already).
then you basically have 2 choices:
1.let opencv get control of your webcam.
2.let panda get control of your webcam.

in case 1 you’ll have difficulties to get the webcam picture to display in panda. you need to somehow convert the opencv image into a texture.
with case 2 you’d have to convert the webcam-video image to an opencv image.

both ways are a bit nasty but one might work. detecing points instead of faces should be only a matter of HAAR files. you may have more success asking on the opencv forum when it comes to detecing points.

ok thanks
i have a detection point code in opencv i need pass to panda :S
let my try again hehe

oh. well if all you need is to pass arount the data, you could use sockets. at least that’s what i do in those situations. there are many examples on the net how to use them.

ok let me try to find that stuff
thanks :smiley: … oll.tar.gz

should be pretty much what you’r looking for :slight_smile:

hey man i have intalled opencv
and copy the lib to python and import cv works but try to run this program and tell me
from openCV import *
ImportError: no module called opencv
what more i need to do with my python?

ahm. so your actual question is how to install opencv’s python bindings on windows? …well about that i really have no idea. i use linux and i just mark the “do want opencv-python” box when i install it. have you tried to ask on the opencv forum/mailing list? they should be a lot more used to installing it on windows machines

Opencv version 1.1 python wrapper is on python 2.6, and the implementation is not very good. I use this one instead: