Help with Networking

Firstly I want to apologize if this has been answered before, but I couldn’t find any answer through my searching.

My question is which modules, and from where, do I import to us:


The API References says they’re all in panda3d.core, but I don’t seem to have that folder, I currently have version 1.7.0. I’ve tried reinstalling it and installing version 1.6.2, but neither worked.

I would appreciate any help anyone can offer on the topic.

>>> from panda3d.core import QueuedConnectionManager

Worked for me. You might have neglected your environment variables. The demos, for example, use the -E command line option. Another way to accomplish it is to use a .pth file in site-packages.

Ok thanks, I finally got it working. Or it seems to be working, Eclipse sees the class declarations as undefined variables for some reason, but there’s no error when I run code, so hopefully it means everything is going well.