Help with mysql/python connector and the plugin.

I love the the web plugin for panda3d, i have not tried putting my own panda3d project ontoi a web page yet but it works amazingly. I would like to know if there is a way for me to use the python / mysql connector with this plugin. The code would then have some mysql database access information that i would NOT want the user to be able to access. So would it be safe to use the mysql connector in my .p3d file that i use or is there some other way. Or would this even work in a web plugin?


Even though it appears in a web page, the code in the p3d file is still running on the user’s computer, not on the web server. So anything it accesses has to be the same stuff that the user can access.

So you could put mysql access into your p3d file, but it would have to access a MySQL database running on the user’s local computer (or you would have to make your MySQL server open to any internet user, and access it via a remote port on the internet).

In either case, a curious user could find your database and access it directly, so this is not a way to provide data security.


Thanks drwr. And nice work on the web plugin!