Help with image make a movie

i use the function OnscreenImage for call an image
and a task for change the image per frame
and works, looks similar to a movie
but when i put other think in the bag
a small ball jumping in all the screen
the video crash an tell me
out of memory

my question is how is posible clean the memory with panda3d or with python for dont have that problem

Are you running on a limited-memory machine? How much memory do you actually have? Normally, memory should not be depleted so easily, so this “out of memory” error might actually indicate something else going wrong that has nothing to do with your memory usage.

If you really are running out of memory, the way to limit memory usage depends heavily one what, precisely, is using the most memory in your scene. To know this we’d have to spend some time analyzing your scene.


And use the ‘Scripting Issues’ to ask questions. This section is for ‘Show your working code snippets to the community’.