Help request for loading animations

Hi all -

I am new to Panda, although I’m not new to 3D.
I do all my modelling work in Cinema4D and I’ve been able to export a static model out of C4D as an X file and display it in Panda.

What I cannot seem to do is export an animation. The part that is confusing me is the dictionary. I can create an egg file from my exported X file, but where does the dictionary come in? How do I create that? I cannot seem to find anything in the manual that actually explains the whole dictionary concept and it’s proving to be really frustrating.

Can someone please provide some guidance? Are there any C4D users out there that have managed to get an animation into Panda?

Many thanks!

Because of the lack of information about basic animation I’m going to have abandon Panda. This is a shame because it seemed to be exactly what I need but the lack of documentation in what I consider to be some key areas of information has got me stumped.

I’m trying to produce some course materials about 3D Game Engines for a class I teach and I don’t have time to figure out the mysterious lack of information about animation dictionaries and so on.

Sorry, I don’t even know what “animation dictionary” you might be referring to. Maybe you’re talking about the the dictionary of animation names that is passed to the Actor constructor? If so, this is just an ordinary Python dictionary, which you construct using the Python syntax involving curly braces. If you’re unclear about what a Python dictionary is, perhaps you should visit

And I don’t mean to be rude, but your post doesn’t make this clear: have you read the Panda3D manual regarding animations?

If you’re really teaching a class about 3D engines, wouldn’t you expect your students to spend more than a few hours researching an unfamiliar topic before completely giving up on it? Should we not expect the same thing of their teacher?


Lol - I’ll consider that wrist slapping well-deserved. I posted this topic when I was at the height of my frustration but it’s not really in my nature to give up - so view my words above as blowing off steam. :slight_smile:

In my defence, I did spend considerably more time than that researching the problem and have now found a workable solution that I’ve shared in another topic in this forum. (Here)

I’ll be posting details about getting animation from C4D as soon as I’ve fully tested it and feel I can explain it clearly.