Help please, easy question..

Shouldnt that make so that the camera follows the object terrain?
It doesnt so why?

nope. it makes the camera follow the terrain itself. if you wanna make it follow an object on the terrain you have to reparent it to the object. not to the terrain.

yea, i tried both reparent it to the object/char and the terrain, it never moved…
Or W8!! IT DID!!
In my test game i got two boxes which is identlcal
one i can move, the other is just there to show me that my cube moves
XD and when i had reparent the cam to teh char my cube were moving in opposit directions, which i now understand that it dident!
actually both my cam and my char where moving from the box XD
and since my char alawys was in the middle of the screen it looked like the box were my char, since on my screen that i as only object moving
Really funny if u understand what i meen XD