help needed with key pressing stuf


i want, when you press a button during the game, an animation loops or something else (like camera begins to spin…).

i tried differents thinks but non of them works, please need help.


Have you seen the sample programs, that ship with the Panda3D download?

yes, but I liked some information about it, like a tutorial.

I am kind new with panda3D.

greetings and thanks.

thanx for your replys,

but i have another question:

how can i learn panda3d the best?

i readed manual (a piece of it), and i could not understand everything in it.
is there another way to learn panda? I dont want to learn to very hard stuf but the basic en some other important things…

maybe a tutorial??


there so many ways, which you can use to learn something. i prefer to set a goal and try to solve all problems which coming along… in the case that learning is the primus in the subject, there will be no cookbook for helping you. you need to figure out by yourself on which way you been efficient to learn something.