[Help] Loading Chicken Script in Blender

Windows XP SP3
Full Python install 2.5
Path variable set to full install path (C:\Python25)
Panda3d and Blender both installed in directories on M: drive

I’m new to the forum, so I apologize if I’m in the wrong section. I’ve looked around, and it’s all so new to me, I’m just simply lost. :unamused:

I downloaded Blender so I could export to the .egg format for Panda3d, but find I need this script. I downloaded the final 1.0 version, but I really don’t understand how to get it to run.

I’ve looked in the Blender folder, there isn’t a “script” folder that I can tell. When I go to the scripts window, and click the scripts option - there’s a list of items, none of which have anything in the sub menu. I click the “update menu” option, and get an error that says to look at the console. There is no error in the console.

Can anyone help me with this please?

Hmm, this question has been asked many times before on the Chicken thread.

Note that 1.0 is not the latest version, but R44 is.