Help: license clarafication needed!

ok, when i was getting ready to read the license, a comment before it confused me :

“The license of Panda3D has been judged (by Richard Stallman) as not free software. This is because of the clause that says you should send all modifications back to Disney. Ie, if you make a change, you can’t keep it to yourself - you have to make it public. We, the Panda developers, don’t much care for that clause either. Unfortunately, ownership of Panda3D’s copyrights are being negotiated right now, and until that’s done, the license is frozen. It could take quite a while for the transfer to be finished, so the bad clause is in there for the foreseeable future. You have to decide for yourself whether or not the “no private modifications” rule is a deal-breaker.”

does that mean that anything that i create on my own (meaning, any modal that i create from scratch that i use in a game that i create with panda3d) belongs to, or has to be given to, Disney?

if so, or if not (as i am hoping) please explain what it DOES mean.

That refers to modifications you make to the engine itself, not to content you put in your game.