Help i cant get opengl to work right.

every time use opengl it just shows a blank screen when i load a program.
directx works fine but my graphics card does not support sharders with dx so i want to use opengl.
it only does not display the image, it loads everything but it always just shows black.
also when i use irrlicht-1.4.2 it works fine.
can anyone help me? :cry:

Can you see any suspicious output if you run something from the console?

I’m not sure what your asking but I just run the sample game asteroids. and it worked fine but the 3d programs will only show black.

I mean if you go to a terminal window (start>run>cmd.exe) and then use “cd” to navigate to the directory of the sample program then manually run the sample like the following:

cd "C:\Panda3D-1.5.3\samples\Tut-Something"

and then check whether anything useful gets printed out on the console window.

Wait, asteroids works? It uses your 3-D hardware just as much as any of the other sample programs do. The fact that all of the graphics just happen to be in the same plane has nothing to do with whether it’s using your 3-D hardware or not.

So if asteroids works, surely some of the others should work too, 3-D or otherwise.

It’s possible that the shader examples don’t work. That’s a different problem. You’ve already said that your graphics card doesn’t support shaders in DX9, and it’s weird that a card would not support shaders in DX9 but would support them in OpenGL. Are you sure that it should?

How do some of the other sample programs work, like the greeting card or the carousel or something simple like that?


lol it all is working now it is funny irrlicht shows shaders with dx9 i never really tried to use dx9 with it before, so i assumed the opengl does support shaders and not dx9 with the card, but i did get all but the shader scripts to run with opengl by increasing the depth and color bits which confuses me, the only problem there is it can’t run more than 5fps.
now i still want to use shaders and one program says i can use them and panda3d says i cant, can anyone help me with this? cause i really dont know where to start on fixing this kind of problem.

What kind of graphics card you have? Lots and lots of cards don’t support shaders. If yours doesn’t, sorry, your only choice is to buy a better graphics card.

It sounds like you might be running OpenGL in software mode, though. If that’s so, it means you need to update your graphics driver. You’ll need to download the latest driver from your graphics card manufacturer’s website.


but that does not explain why other programs can use shaders.
and i have Nvidia GeForce2 go[dell mobile] i don’t have much knowledge on graphics cards, but i have the latest drivers for it and everything else on my system. aslo it is not a very good graphics card, having only 32mb on board ram and 128mb system ram assigned to it, not sure of its speed but its never lagged behind the CPU, and no games I’ve played so far has challenged it other than the ones that require more ram.

heres all the info
There existed 3 versions:

GeForce2 Go: with 64 MB, 64 Bit DDR memory
GeForce2 Go 200: with 32 MB, 64 Bit DDR
GeForce2 Go 100: with 16 MB, 32 Bit DDR
Manufacturer NVIDIA
Series GeForce 2 Go
Codename NV11
Pipelines 1 / 0 Pixel- / Vertexshader
Core Speed * 166 MHz
Shader Speed * 166 MHz
Memory Speed * 143 MHz
Memory Bus Width 32/64 Bit
Memory Type DDR
Max. Amount of Memory 64 MB
Shared Memory no
DirectX DirectX 7
Current Consumption 2 Watt
technology 180 nm
Notebook Size medium sized
Date of Announcement 01.03.2001
Information 180nm
info copied from:

I don’t think this card supports shaders; see Even if it does have some shader support, it must support only very primitive shaders by today’s standards. The shader samples provided with Panda generally require more advanced cards to run.

“Shaders” is a very generic term. There are big shaders and simple shaders. Also, just because a program claims that it is supporting shaders, doesn’t mean that it actually is.

Your card will do just fine with Panda in normal, fixed-function mode; and you can do a whole lot of cool stuff with that. You just won’t be writing any shader programs or using the panda auto-shader.


Thank you, that answers my question.
Would i be able in some way to use software rendering and support shaders, or is there a program i can use to simulate shader support?

Never mind i found one thanks for the help.
3d_analyze is a nice one
Here is the link for anyone else who needs it
Also there’s swiftshader 2.0 and it is very nice.
Heres the link