help for new bee

I am a complete new bee to both panda 3d and python though I have worked in other languages like VB, java etc.
recently i have installed both panda 3d and python and trying to make a small game like 3d pong.
I have just completed a programme which shows a room with three walls and a ball. I want to move the ball continuously towards one of the wall once the mouse is clicked and bounce when it collides with the wall.I tried with key press, but i have to press continuously to moe the ball continuously.when I take my hand off the ball stops.
can some one help me.


First learn Python. If you’ve already worked with Java it shouldn’t be too hard. I reccomend Dive Into Python and Byte of Python since you’re already a programmer. Do all the exercises and you’ll understand Python very well in a day or two.

Then read the Panda3D manual and play around with the included Panda3d tutorials. For what you are trying to do see the Tasks/Asteroids and Collision Detection/Labyrinth scripts. See my keybindings module for help with the controls.

Thanks Cyan. I will try it and come back again if any problem comes up.